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converse    |    ask the right questions, get the right answers.

Asking the right questions is essential to finding meaningful answers. Who are you, and where are you going as an organization? What elements are working in your favor, and which disconnects are blocking you? Through our focused, highly personalized workshops, we guide you through in-depth discussions to identify the opportunities and obstacles, on your road to growth.

This deep discovery process brings together key stakeholder to connect and align. All while providing us with the informed perspective that is essential to developing strategies based on your unique challenges and objectives.

  • Is your marketing delivering full value in return for your investment?
  • Is your company culture boosting your business objectives?
  • Are your vision, brand and objectives aligned for optimum performance?
  • Is your corporate purpose clear, understood and aligned to increase corporate value?
  • Is your business vision clearly articulated and understood by employees, customers and investors?

Training prepares you for each obstacle and every moment in your path and allows each of us to be confident to lace our shoes, saddle up, and paddle out.

connect    |    does your story get the results you want?

Our audiences always see us differently than we see ourselves. Yet too often, strategies are developed without testing them with the people they are intended to impact. As a result, decision makers may find that they are speaking to themselves instead of their real audiences. This leads to massive disconnects, wasted resources and missed opportunities.

We offer you ways to connect directly to your audiences – including employees, customers, prospects, and potential investors — to hear their take and test their responses. We provide a full range of research capabilities from individual interviews and focus groups to online surveys to help ensure your message is on target with your mission.

  • Are your various target audiences fully engaging with your brand(s)?
  • How well do employees understand and embrace your vision?
  • Do your customers advocate your brand to the marketplace?
  • Is your brand loyalty as strong as it needs to be?
  • Is your message connecting with prospects and moving them to acting?
  • Do you clearly understand the needs and expectations of customers both internally and externally?
  • Does your brand match your internal culture?
  • How well your brand supporting the recruitment of top talent?

convert    |    messaging for transactions

Your messaging plan for alignment and growth.

Today’s audiences are bombarded with more noise than ever before. At the same time, attention spans are at an all-time low. It takes superior strategy to cut through the clutter. We develop comprehensive messaging strategies and go-to-market plans designed to move your audiences to action.

Whether you’re looking to drive increased sales, build brand loyalty, enroll employees or leadership and partners in a new initiative, effective strategy and planning sets you up to succeed. We then work with your project manager to organize and implement the new strategy.

  • Are your communications programs typically proactive or reactive?
  • Does your messaging strategically differentiate you from competitors?
  • Are you fully enabling sales to soar?
  • Do you know exactly why you’re saying what you’re saying?
  • Is our communication plan strategically aligned with your business objectives?
  • Do your communications materials capture your emotional story?

convey    |    Are there any barriers preventing you from reaching your audience?

You are embarking on the exciting journey of developing and deploying new & improved messaging, is important to identify and evaluate channels and platforms through which you intend to deploy and convey your messaging.This will reach your intended audiences and ensure that any barriers that could prevent delivery of your message are identified.

What if these scenarios were avoidable through better planning and preparation ahead of time?

In the same way a professional speaker would prepare for the physical presentation (place/time/venue) and fine-tune and optimize key verbal aspects of his/her presentation, Conversiv’s messaging solution guides and directs its clients’ channel strategies (communication/deployment vehicle) and messaging strategies so that once deployed they reach the intended audiences with impact, leaving them riveted and ready to take action.

For many of our clients, their website represents their “main stage” and serves as the primary means of online communication with new and repeat visitors.

Our Convey step allows us to evaluate our clients’ websites and identify any issues or barriers that could hinder, limit or diminish the impact of the delivery of any new messaging. Barriers could be related to lack of mobile friendliness, poor user experience, lackluster content or visuals, or poor SEO (search engine optimization).

  • Is your website being crawled by Google?  Are there any issues preventing indexing?
  • Does your site rank for the keywords that are important to your ideal customers?
  • Once visitors land on your website, is it immediately clear where they should go?  What you want them to do and/or experience?
  • How does your website render on mobile devices?  Is it responsive?  Does it scale appropriately?
  • Are you using Google Analytics to determine if your marketing efforts are having an impact?
  • Are you using analytics to determine which content your users are using most often, and does that drive your future content creation strategies?

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