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Most companies come to us because tactics aren’t getting the job done, frankly they aren’t working at all and its usually because the foundation for accurate communication and a well thought out Go To Market plan was not clearly defined.

Conversiv is your strategic partner that utilizes FOUR necessary phases to propel your BRAND for successful growth.

Brandiscovery / Brandialog / Brandeploy / Brandcultivate

PHASE ONE – Brandiscovery

Understanding your audience starts with a leadership discovery 
session that addresses and aligns the company messaging 
identifying connects and disconnects.

This is a business conversation with stake holders that covers the company holistically, allowing all participants to create the foundation for true connections.

Clarity of vision is a company’s greatest asset.

  • Define what we want to accomplish
  • For whom, within a certain time frame
  • What are the results?

We define the three parts of mission:

  • The message – the daily promise for 
 all constituents
  • The company’s unique operational method
  • Its motive for doing business

Discussion Topics

Distinctly unique to each organization,
 we define the “core driving purpose and define strategic differentiators answering ‘why’ customers should be customers”.

The heart of the marketing plan is discovering unforeseen blind spots, pitfalls and obstacles that hinder a company’s progress toward fulfilling its vision.

PHASE TWO – Brandialog

This phase is research and analysis 
to define the key company growth assets and attributes.

Research & Analysis

  • competitive messaging
  • target audience
  • strategic differentiation
  • mindshare to own
  • sales and marketing alignment
  • Market positioning

PHASE THREE – Brandeploy

Building on connect and converse we develop an 
integrated go to market plan (G2M) that targets results.

The cornerstone of the plan is built around defining the strategies 
to overcome company obstacles.  Aligning marketing & sales in your organization allows you to clearly connect with your customers.

G2M document defines:

  • master goals
  • key strategies
  • targeted tactics
  • overcoming obstacles
  • action steps
  • timelines
  • team member management
  • deployed by your marketing team

Cultivating, marketing, and sales alignment are the key to driving results. From strategy and creative to digital and print, our focus on integrated, end-to-end solutions for emerging growth companies enables us to deliver stronger ROI.

PHASE FOUR – Brandcultivate

Ensure the strategic gains you’ve made with a partner that can support long-term business growth. Conversiv brings an informed independent perspective that empowers your marketing and sales decision makers ongoing.

This is a continued engagement with periodic check-points throughout the year.

Support & Accountability

  • We help you ensure your initiatives are 
on track and on point with regular check-ins.
  • Performance Matrix – How well are your programs 
and people really performing? Measure success, 
validate tactics, and make strategic choices.


Now that we have a defined strategy, we are ready to reach our customers with services and tactics that can achieve measurable results.

We have asked the questions and qualified an approach that will overcome obstacles allowing us to make thoughtful decisions with the right tactics.

strategy before tactics


Strategy & Innovation

Market Research
Marketing Strategy
Sales Strategy
Messaging & Positioning


Brand Research
Brand Strategy
Brand Design


Graphic Design


Channel Strategy
Channel Marketing
Sales Enablement
Multi-Channel Marketing


Content Strategy
Thought Leadership
Case Studies
White Papers

Social & PR

PR & Social Strategy
Public Relations
Social Media


Digital Strategy
SEO, PPC, Paid

Lead Gen

Lead Generation Strategy




Event & Exhibit Strategy
Event Marketing
Trade Show Marketing
Branded Environments


Video Strategy
Video Production
Commercials & Radio
Digital Media


Media Research
Media Strategy
Media Planning

Marketing to your clients is a battlefield and every penny counts. Conversiv can show you an expansive portfolio of the tactics on this page. What we can’t show you is the proprietary strategy on some of the work owned by some pretty impressive brands. Having said this just ask us and we will present some case studies and some work for your review and questions.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. “ Sun Tzu – The Art Of War

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