HAVEiHOPE is a 501c3 organization dedicated to giving at-risk youth a chance to learn valuable life skills, join a community of support, and ultimately grow closer to Jesus Christ. HAVEiHOPE operates a functional farm with a 6-month on-campus school for at-risk youth focusing on educational programs that offer counseling & spiritual guidance, entrepreneurship and farm & horsemanship training/therapy.


To take the vision and passion of the organization and create a brand logo mark that connected the face of children into the comfort and love provided from farm animals. Horses play a profound role in healing and the relationship of peace and comfort seemed to be a perfect symbol for the organization.

The Solution:

Working with Artist and Creative director Brent Baker the image of the HAVEiHOPE mark took shape capturing the heart of the organization. The direction was to create a symbol of love that mirrored the love of Jesus Christ and the comfort and peace that can be found in his love for each of us. It was such an honor to work with Bryon Cordell, Gina Haraway and other HAVEiHOPE board members to see the brand come to life. We look forward to watching HAVEiHOPE serve such a great purpose and do such amazing work.

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